Regarding tonight’s T&R vote…

UpdateRoch Smith, Jr proposes this Truth and Reconcilliation Commission resolution for our City Council to consider this evening.  It sounds like something everyone should be able to agree to.  His proposed resolution would support the process but reserve any consideration or endorsement of the findings that may come from that process.  Good work Roch.

Update II: Email from Roch: “Bill O’Neil read the resolution and wants to interview me for tonight’s news.”  Yeah, that’s right John Hammer… these blogs are a lot like playing golf.


I really hope the vote on whether or not our City Council will endorse the work of the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission (weblog) doesn’t follow racial lines.  It is not a racial issue.  However, early indications are that the vote will fail on the all-too-familiar 3-6 vote – the three in the affirmative will likely come from our three black representatives: Councilwomen Burroughs-White, Johnson and Bellamy-Small.

Why is it that white folks on the Council see this issue in such a different light than the black Council members?  To me, this dichotomy of perceptions as to what may or may not come from the work of the Commission is evidence enough that Greensboro really needs to undertake this examination.  A vote that is split on racial lines will only drive another wedge between us.

As for me I would have to vote to endorse the Commission’s work if for no other reason than to keep peace in the family.  Also, I just don’t see any harm coming from the GTRC’s work.

Update:  Roch Smith, Jr provides the language of a resolution for the City Council to consider this evening.

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