It’s late… real late…

As you can see by the time stamp, I just got home but had to say something about what I witnessed tonight during the finale over the question of whether or not the City Coucil would endorse the Truth and Reconciliation (and this is important) PROCESS. Not to be confused with the endorsement of upcoming work of the Truth and Reconcilliation COMMISSION.  I make this distinction because the two are completely separate organizations from what I can discern.  I’ll try to explain later if I can get my arms around it.

But, meantime, the end result is that the Council voted 6-3 along racial lines as predicted.  No, they didn’t vote to endorse the process, but the white folks held together in a vote to oppose the process.  The black folks knew it was coming and actually seemed to savor the racial division.  Why?  Sandy Carmany calls tonight’s racially charged wrangling a “hellish experience” and I can understand her exasperation.

Dumb, dumb, dumb…. on so many levels.  And the dumbness emanated from both races represented on the Council.

I’ve got to get to bed, but rest assured I’ll be getting little rest myself.  I’ll provide more thoughts and info tomorrow (today) but for now there’s this: tonight’s vote may have shifted the landscape of Greensboro politics. That shift was expertly orchestrated by our three African-American Council members and the boosters of “the process”. 

Keep this in mind as we ponder what occured tonight: this is an election year.

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