Clarity and cloudiness

During the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s T&R vote, Councilman Tom Phillips made a post on his weblog about the T&R’s efforts to obtain a Council endorsement.  His writing quickly received a bunch of comments from a wide array of points of view.  Even though some readers continued to try and engage the Councilman, at a particular point in the back-and-forth Phillips felt he had made his points and ended his side of the conversation with, “They can do what they want but I will not put the City’s stamp of approval on it.”  Even though I disagree with him, Tuesday night he did what he said he was going to do for clearly stated reasons stated openly and publicly.

Councilman Vaughan caused some confusion during the March 15th council meeting.  Vaughan, along with a vasillating Mayor Holliday and the three black members of Council, voted to place the T&R endorsement question on the this past Tuesday’s agenda even though he had said the same question should not be allowed on the March 15th agenda.  Some observers thought this agenda-placement vote indicated a change of Vaughan’s long-held position that the Council should not endorse the T&R process.  Confused?

Councilman Don Vaughan also reportedly has a weblog.  Wouldn’t it be enlightening if he used it?

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