Business and personal

Off to Raleigh for several days of window fixin’ in the Oakwood Historic District near the Governor’s mansion.  Next week, an 1855 country home in South Boston, VA.  After we get those two taken care of we’ll be in town a while to fix a whole passal of windows during the restoration of the Race Administration Building on Bennett College’s campus and then, in late June, down to High Point where I’ll be doing my window thing during renovation of the Mechandise Mart.

I am down to about 6 ‘Double Hung - Historic Window Restoration’ yard signs.  Apparently the name holds some fascination for people… can’t imagine why.  The other day I bid on a house over in Westerwood.  After we came to terms the owners insisted that I place one my curiously named signs in her yard on the spot.  The woman of the house said she couldn’t wait until her friends saw it.  I was happy to oblige.  Dirty minds abound.

Might be time to franchise this puppy.

Jinni is doing very well.  Sleeping alot but feeling quite good with very little pain.  Her parents have agreed to stay on until I get back from the Capitol City and it is much appreciated.

I’ve been following the goings on over at the the HoggFest planning wiki.  Thanks to everyone for all you do and will be doing.

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