“… I want the News-Record to publicly censure Mr. Hoggard”

The debate over anonymous posting and the N&R’s attempts at requiring a small amount of accountability has reached the Chalkboard blog.

Anonymous poster, Teddy Ballgame, was outraged when Jennifer Fernandez posted the N&R’s new policy on comment identity.  He got all huffy in the comments, took it real personal and threatened to take his ballgame and go home..

“… Sounds like you want to stop discourse on this subject because you don’t like the truth being told, and this happens to be your most popular blog. Well, I’ll comply and cease posting to your blogs.”

In an attempt to explain why the N&R is exerting some small semblence of control, I went in and and tried to explain things to Teddy and hopefully make him understand why the Town Square project might need to require some valid identity of commenters.  Then, I did the unthinkable…

To put a finer tip on my point to Teddy and others, I made another post that simply said, “See what I mean.  Posted by David Hoggard.”, and placed Mr. Ballgame’s N&R supplied false identity in the contact information. That post has now been deleted because Teddy complained… loudly.  (So much for him ceasing to post.)

“This action is inappropriate at best, or even may represent an illegal act of stolen identity.

I am expecting a formal public censure of Mr. Hoggard for this action on this blog. You are the blog host, and it is your duty to police such actions taken against your customers. If there is any question of the actual identity of this post as being legitimately mine, Bruce knows my real identity, and I’ll verify to him that I am the real Teddy Ball Game.”

So now that we know that he/she is “the real Teddy Ball Game.” he/she still doesn’t get the point.  But I keep trying, with this, later in the comments…

“Do you not see the silliness of your argument? An anonymous poster (you) is trying to bring his/her wrath down on a real-name poster (me) for pointing out the pitfalls of anonymous posting.”

I don’t know how this whole thing with anonymous, pen name posting will shake out at the N&R, but I’m confident their attorneys will weigh in at some point.  Perhaps they can start with Ballgame’s assertion that I be censured by the N&R for what he is convinced was an “inappropriate, misguided and possibly an illegal violation of my privacy and stolen identity.”

Teddy, I didn’t steal anything… I just borrowed your ‘name’ to make a point.  Tempest in a teapot comes to mind here.

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