What is it about the Old County Courthouse?

I listened and I am saddened, and embarrased.  Why in the world do we, as citizens of Guilford County, tolerate this crap?

Now don’t get confused here… the Republicans on our Board of Commission are no better than the Democrats- Dems are just in the majority at the moment so their majority-fed affliction simply amplifies their ineptitude. When Guilford County Republicans have been in the majority from time to time, they act just as badly.

Jenks Crayton has been cleared of all wrong-doing (via Sue).  Chairman Bruce Davis and Co., including… notably in my mind… Paul Gibson, because I worked for him in the election just past, should have issued an apology to Crayton today after receiving the all clear from the NC Department of Revenue.  In lieu of an apology all we heard today was something like… ,”well… someone told us something might be going on with Jenks.  Our bad.” 

Well no, it’s our bad.  We elected this bunch of yahoos.  (And I’m not letting Repubs Billy Yow or Linda Shaw out of my descriptor.)

Is it possible that Guilford County voters all have battered wife syndrome?  Do we think we just don’t deserve an elected body that is comprised of normal, rational, level-headed, altruistic, civic-minded people?  We keep electing the same ol’ same ol’ it seems.

Or, perhaps the Old County Courthouse is haunted in some way that turns Everyman into Stupidman.  It just seems that when otherwise regular folks take a seat in front of what may be North Carolina’s only remaining publicly funded overt display of the Ten Commandments, our Commissioners act as if they never even heard of the tenants laid out there.

We’ve got to fix this mess we call The Guilford County Board of Commissioners.

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