Cancer and politics and the road ahead.

It’s harder this time.  We really didn’t know what to expect when Jinni started the first round of chemotherapy last November.  But this time we know exactly what to expect and it is nothing to look forward to.  She will have the first of twelve weekly infusions of Taxotere tomorrow.  (If you are just tuning in, here’s What’s Up With Jinni)

Our summer plans are on hold pending Jinni’s level of tolerance for the drug that is supposed to seek out and destroy any errant cancer cells that may have broken free before or during her recent surgeries.  After this round is completed we still have seven weeks of daily radiation treatments to look forward to. 

By my calendar, her course of treatment takes us all the way up to October before we can be shed of oncology and resume any sort of a normal life.  With the primary for city elections coming on October 4th, my anticipated City Council candidacy now looks like a pipe dream.  I don’t mind telling you that admitting this disappoints me terribly, but my City will just have to take a back seat to my family for a while longer. 

We’ll get ‘em next time, though. 

Maybe in two year’s time, some long-of-tooth Council Members will have realized their over-a-decade-long firm grip on the reigns of local power may not really be in Greensboro’s best interest afterall.  Hopefully they will decide to move on and make room for others to have a shot at leadership around here.  In the meantime I intend to keep the heat on them from MY position of power – sitting in front of this here computer.

The next installment of Jinni’s Journal is scheduled to hit the streets this coming Monday in the N&R.  Staff writer turned friend Maria C. Johnson has been egging Jinni on to get some thoughts down on paper, which she finally did last night.  Hopefully Maria will have time to polish the edges on the submission before publication as I didn’t have time to help with editing Jinni’s stream of conscious style that she adopted this time around.

It looks like HoggFest is going to be quite an event next weekend.  Friend Mebane Ham came over last night and announced that she was able to convince the police to close down traffic on well-traveled Summit Avenue in front of The Flat Iron for the duration of the fundraiser.  I’ll write more about this personally-humbling event later but you need to make plans to be there.

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