Craigslist speaks to Greensboro

Yes! Weekly on the arrival of Craigslist in Greensboro:

“The fragmentation of traditional media markets is accelerating.

In Greensboro it began 15 years ago with a pugnacious right-slanted weekly,
The Rhinoceros Times, making a grab for a segment of the daily News & Record’s readership, and in more recent years has picked up momentum with the development of a nationally noted blogging community, the launch of citizen journalism forum, the publication of alternative weekly YES! Weekly, and in April, the arrival of” (links added)

Writer Jordan Green interviewed Craigslist “customer service rep” Craig Newmark (blog) and noted that this shaker-up of status quo media “has taken note of the thriving blogging community in Greensboro“.  Newman  goes on to say that he would like to reshape the editorial side of journalism but doesn’t yet know how or if he might break in to the world of opinion dissemination but he does believe that main stream media jobs are on the line.  He offers a little advice to those who might find themselves out in the cold unless they evolve with the times…

“…When an industry goes through a major shift, sometimes people lose jobs. I don’t have anything smart to suggest, except that news professionals start looking hard at the blogging phenomenon and try to get ready…”



In other Yes! Weekly news, Page Three should have been on page one this week.  She is simply lovely.

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