That’s my turf

Mr. Sun thinks Allen Johnson’s post on the Jenks Crayton matter kinda sucks…

Bickering, tantrums, sideshows … I damn you and your paper as a sinner of just a slightly lesser degree for the attention you pay to these things.

After you read what The Emitter of Solar Wind has to say, you’ll have to agree with him on this point, “Leadership is about what you pay attention to as much as anything else…“   Well, yeah…

But…. The Crayton mess – like the the City Council meltdown over the Truth & Reconcilliation non-endorsement before it - make for salacious reading.  And salaciousness sells.

That said, it would behoove the N&R to take Sun’s advice use its considerable resources to do more of what the local alternative media can’t easily do: add depth on local issues.  The Greensboro blogosphere is perfectly capable of propogating salaciouness and pointing out governmental silliness all on our own.

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