“Unfortunately, I am being forced to choose a side…”

Fecund Stench to the Greensboro blogging community: “I am reluctant to write this post. Even so, I shall. All is not well…  …the Meetup last night illustrated that there are factions and feelings bordering on enmity between them.”

Stench goes on to say“…the local media has no clue how to address blogging. They are throwing bodies at it … but as usual, they have no sense of vision and are mainly reacting out of fear. Their days are numbered. …Ross Myers, Tara Sue, theShu and their associates represent the real force for blogging in GSO and perhaps the world.  The new paradigm, as it has been explained to me, welcomes my kind. “

My kind?  What the hell is that about?

I, too, have sensed the “factions” he mentions and I have never really understood the reason for it except paranoia.  I feel no threat from either “side”, but apparently others choose to see things that either don’t exist or things that are too etherial for my feeble mind to grasp.

To me, the new paradigm of blogging is complete transparency, not secrecy, and I sense only one “closed shop” of the two only-in-their-mind camp of local bloggers.  Sure… Ross, Tara Sue and the “Revolution Mill” group have their own ideas about what the future holds for local blogging, but I sure don’t see them as being diametrically opposed to the bigger picture of continuing to grow this extraordinary thing we’ve got going here.  But, talk like “my kind” is detrimental to the whole ideal of building a community.  We need inclusiveness, not division.

So, Fecund, … to that end… could you or someone please explain what this “new paradigm” is the same way it was explained to you and why you feel you are being “forced to choose sides“ and lastly, who is doing the forcing? 

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