Who ARE these people?

I am dissappointed that the Hoggard family wasn’t in the N&R’s sports section today.  That would have made this morning’s paper an “all Hoggard, all the time” issue.  I guess Jesse’s AAU Baseball team’s losses to three different teams this weekend wasn’t deemed newsworthy.

On the top of the front page was a tickler pointing folks to the latest installment (no link yet) of Jinni’s Journal which has been chronicling my family’s battle with breast cancer (my blog posts about the ordeal are here).  The article can be found on the front page of the Life section.  And in the Greensboro section, the weekly Inside Scoop print feature ran with my decision to not run again for Greensboro City Council in the upcoming election.

Such is life in a fishbowl.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the editors split Jinni’s original submission into two sections.  One article is about her most recent experiences with cancer treatments and the other all about this Sunday’s HoggFest fundraiser.

With this added publicity, I am confident we are going to need to plan for more food.  We’ll be needing a whole bunch of pork shoulders (aka Boston Butts)- my cooker can hold 24 but we only have one donated so far.  Also, I have received some background emails wondering if HoggFest is going to be “kid friendly”.  The answer is yes, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  The planning crew has secured a “Moonwalk” and other children’s activities for the day including face painting, cotton candy, and I believe a popcorn machine.

If you want to help or make a donation of time, food or raffle/auction items… go here and hit “edit” next to the category you are interested in helping with.

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