I heard it come down…

Update: Chewie has great coverage of this sad event that, even more sadly, our mayor chose to pimp.  My favorite of her links is this 360 degree view of what is now gone (courtesy to Tom Lassiter).


10:00a – A rumbling just broke the morning silence here on Cypress Street.  I’m sure it was the implosion of the “new” Burlington Headquarters, which was taken down to make room for a new shopping center on Friendly Avenue several miles distant from where I sit.

The removal of that structure comes close on the heels of the demolition of the “old” Burlington Headquarters last year that was in the way of the new baseball stadium on Eugene Street.

With those two acts of “out with the old…” the erasing of some of Greensboro’s most important architectural, social and corporate heritage is now complete.

The folks who are responsible for these two demolitions are lauded as forward thinking captains of economic/community development in many circles, but I have a different view.  I contend that people who justify such unimaginative and “we just can’t save it” destruction of our irreplacable places are a short-sighted bunch.  To me, anyone who says that such important buildings can’t be rehabbed and re-used for future generations might as well go on and admit they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

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