Notes from the road

I’m in Raleigh and have been since yesterday morning.

I’m here to pass on some of my knowledge of how to restore old double hung windows to three employees of a local developer of historic properties.  I think it is important to train as many people as possible on such vanishing trades.  I also think it is important to charge out the wazoo for such training.  (In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.)

From my dial-up-only hotel room, I am able to read, but not respond to the emails about HoggFest stuff, wireless security issues, etc.  I’ll be back this afternoon, but in the meantime here are the short answers to some of your inquiries…

Harris Teeter has them on sale:   yes:   kick his ass:   it IS a crime and the police are on it:   interestingmine has never lasted for four hours, call Mr. Sun, he’ll want to know:   my WAP is just fine, thank you:   yes, I am interested in your Brazillian business venture and so sorry to hear about your husband:   no:   the new password to my wireless router is ************ drive on by any old time.

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