Cone gets more hits and I’m jealous

Blogebrity is pretty cool.  Recently Slashdotted, they compile a list of A, B or C level webloggers on a national basis. But I discovered them nefariously.

Because Cone and I utilize the same lame blog software (RadioUserland) I am able to see where the Blogfather and other top 100 Radio blogger’s readers come from and how many of them there are. (the numbers reset @ 2:00a)  Today, Ed added 53 (possibly new) readers to his daily totals via this new blogroll called Blogebrity.

Lesson to be learned: If you want to get read, write something interesting, interject a line or two giving us your take on that “something”, and write often.  Write about topical issues that you know something about and do it well… then repeat those efforts on a daily basis.  Or in the simpler words of Cone himself, “Have a take and don’t suck.” 

Make no mistake: Cone is getting more and more readers because he works his ass off at this blogging thing every day.  Anyone’s success can be duplicated if that is your goal.  But such duplication requires persistance, daily involvment, good writing, a spellchecker and a whole lot of time and effort.  You also must read a lot of blogs and honor them with a link from time to time.  Its called,… wait for it… work


UddateLenslinger informs us he made the “C” list – which further proves my point because there is no better writing than what Stewart offers up every day on his excellent blog.

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