Last school bus ride

I just kissed Jesse and saw him be the last Hoggard child to board a daily school bus. 

The ritual that transpired this morning started ten years ago with now-15-year-old Jackson bravely struggling to get up that first high step under the weight of his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bookbag.  It was difficult for me to see him nervously take his seat for the ride to his first day of kindergarden all those years ago.  It was just as difficult to watch Josie and Jesse do the same thing in later years with their own themed book bags.

The ritual ended today with Jesse bounding down the stairs, late again, asking, “Dad… where’s my Ipod?.”  After he took his seat on the bus, he made eye contact with me just like he does every morning – just like his two siblings before him did every morning – and we blew each other yet another kiss as the bus pulled away - just as his brother and sister did every morning before him.

Such rituals don’t seem to be allowed for middle schoolers and beyond and I will miss it – a lot.

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