HoggFest after action report

Every now and again, when I wasn’t cooking or gabbing, I would step away from the crowd and go to a far corner of the HoggFest venue and take it all in.  It was an amazing event and the Hoggard clan is humbled and grateful beyond words.

I’m sure someone got a count of bodies and money that just kept coming in but all I kept counting was my blessings.  At times I felt like Jimmy Stewart standing in front of that Christmas tree at the end of Its A Wonderful Life.

I’ll not even try to thank everyone by name because if I missed anyone, it would devastate me.  But you know who you are and you all are simply wonderful people.

I finally left the Flatiron around midnight but Jinni stuck it out til the end.  The winner of the last raffle item was to be announced following the last band.  A whole bunch of folks stayed on to see if they were going to take home the Music Loft donated Fender Stratocaster.

Several people were brandishing digital cameras and have promised to post pictures and video of the event.  I will link to them as they become available so far flung friends and families can get a feel for what transpired yesterday.  But I’m afraid no image will be able to capture what Jinni and I felt yesterday. (Update – Well, Wharton got close)

I would never wish the circumstances that sparked HoggFest on anyone, but if it does happen, it is my wish for you to find yourself in another circumstance my family has now experienced: being enveloped within a great community of selfless people.

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