And the tote board says….


…was raised through all HoggFest related activities yesterday.  Roch Smith, Jr. has been counting money all day to get the final tally.  He had to wait for Patrick to drag his butt off the golf course and for the good folks at the Flatiron to tabulate thier generous contribution of 10% of their bar’s sales. Now, let that sink in… over $9,000 was raised.

As the beneficiary of such generousity, Jinni and I have made an executive decision regarding how it will be spent.  The vast majority of the proceeds will go to reducing our medical bills as everyone intended.  But, we believe in “paying it forward”, so 15% ($1,375.00) of the total will be held back for the following purposes.

  • $500.00 will be set aside to start a college scholarship fund for a deserving and qualified Guilford County senior next year.  This HoggFest funded scholarship will be given to a college bound child of a breast cancer patient.  The financial hardships brought on by this disease have the ability to easily lay waste a family’s long-laid plans to send their children to college.  Hopefully this modest amount of money will help keep alive some family’s dream of higher education.  In future years, our goal will be to increase this scholarship fund.

  • $875.00 is reserved as seed money for future HoggFests.  We agreed to become the beneficiaries of this fundraiser only if everyone agreed that the event will be repeated.  In future years we hope to grow HoggFest into a larger and larger community event that will carry on the work of helping families get through the financial devestation that breast cancer treatments can cause.

I’ll change one word on a popular phrase making the rounds in blog/newspaper circles to fit what just happened around here: None of us are as strong as all of us.  Together this burgeoning community has accomplished things we never even envisioned twelve months ago.  Given that, just think what we can acheive twelve months hence.

Again… a big ol’ heartfelt Thank You goes out to everyone who gave of their time and/or money to help my family during a time when we really needed it.  We’ll never forget this kindness. Never.


Update: Billy Jones has a richly linked round-up of HoggFest. Mine is here.

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