City of Action Greensboro

On the links between Action Greensboro and our city government, what Gate City “…can’t understand is why a private group like Action Greensboro continues to play such a role in (the City’s) budget decisions. …I find it an interesting combination.”

The leaders of Action Greensboro have often stated it is their intention to close up shop within five years (or so) of inception.  The organization opened their doors in 2001, so that doesn’t give them much more time if they stick to their original plans 

From AG’s recent efforts to “partner” with the City for what started out to be quasi-private investments in our city’s future, I think the answer to Gate’s wondering might be this: Action Greensboro is running low on time and money, but still has a large reserve of ongoing and unfinished initiatives on their agenda.  Its looks increasingly like it might be the taxpayer’s turn at bat. (pun intended)

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