Possibilities for council candidates

Today’s N&R carries an in-house (un-posted, grrrrr) editorial giving their take on the surprise announcements regarding the upcoming re-shuffling of our City Council.  They are not impressed with any prospects for real change: “Of course, this is more of a rearrangement than an upheaval…”

The editorial goes on to list three things that,”…the City Council race still sorely lacks

A worthy competitor for Mayor Holliday…”  True, true, but I don’t see it happening.  Our mayor won so may points when he captained the successful push for no tax increases next year that even John Hammer of the Rhino Times will probably endorse him this go-around.

A younger perspective…”  Although there is a dearth of the younger set in local politics, there are some good ones out there who ought to consider filing to run for council this time around. 

Notably, in my book: Jeff Nimmer who works for Kotis Properties.  Jeff ran a respectable at-large campaign last year and continues to stay up on local local politics.  Also, Zack Methany, is very active in Greensboro affairs and is an impressive guy.  Our own Ben Hwang is sharp, enthusiastic, involved and promising as a community leader.  My friend Dabney Sanders continues to do great things in the community and should get into poilitics up to her eyeballs.  Here in Aycock, Jacynthia Mitchell has expressed a desire to run for local office and will do a good job once she gets her feet wet by becoming more involved in local governance.

Fresh names and faces, which are few and far between…  Well now, here’s a surprise.  “David Hoggard… may reverse an earlier decision not to run at-large.”

Never let the editorial people at the N&R tell you they don’t talk to the news folks for information.  After I made my Wednesday afternoon post on the shake-up, I called reporter Matt Williams to make sure they knew about the council reshuffling (I called the Rhino, too – but both publications were already on it).  He asked if these revelations might change my mind on whether or not to run.  I told Matt that the political landscape has surely changed to my advantage, but Jinni is still trying to get rid of cancer.

But, I won’t lie to you.  I also told Matt that as soon as I heard of the game of musical chairs that some members of our city council were playing – I started re-considering my options.

Update:  I missed reading The Inside Scoop yesterday.  They provided and excellent overview of announced and potential city council candidates.  Also, we can now go back to believing that the N&R’s editorialists don’t talk to reporters… but they do read each other’s weblogs.

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