Students unite… or don’t

I just added Our World, Our View to my list of blogs.  I am reading it a lot.  Calvin Williams put up a post encouraging students to dust off their ‘Vote or Die’ t-shirts and pay close attention to the upcoming City Council elections. 

…guess what, this City Election is more important to your day-to-day life than any presidential election. Why do you ask, because these people are right here and they can listen to you…  A&T and maybe even UNCG are sleeping giants, 30,000 able voting bodies. Greensboro’s population is only approx. 250-270 thousands. That is at most 12%, you think you can not cause change!…

He’s right.  If college students would get organized and motivated they could have a major impact in local elections.  Bennett College has a saying around election time: “Bennett Belles are voting Belles”.  And vote they do… the college even goes so far as to organize bus rides to the polls to facilitate the Belles’ long-standing tradition of getting to the polls.

But Roch points out in the comments that A&T and UNCG’s polling places usually have the lowest percentage turn out of all Greensboro precincts.  Calvin has his work cut out for him but I’m glad he is on it.

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