Dunleath site plan

I posted earlier this week about plans for a development on a large tract of land in the Aycock Historic District.  On Tuesday, architect Jerry Leimenstoll provided copies of the preliminary sketch plan to the neighborhood’s Board of Directors to get it circulated within the neighborhood for comment in advance of our monthly meeting next week.

Jerry was kind enough to send me an electronic copy of the proposed site plan for the old Dunleath property, which is owned by the Deskalakis family.  For a clearer view of the entire site plan click here to bring up a PDF file.   On Wednesday this proposal will come before the Greensboro Historic Preservation Commission.  (agenda item here) That body must grant a Certificate of Appropriateness before the plan can be implemented.

Facing Chestnut Street are 16 two story townhouse units.  The townhouse layouts show a garage behind that is accessible from the rear drive.  Eight more of these two bedroom units are to the left of the planned park which extends all the way to the railroad tracks, which parallel Church Street beyond.  To the right rear of the development is shown a three story building housing 36 one bedroom condominiums.  The total number of dwellings in the proposed development is 60 units.

The property is Zoned RM-18.  Under this multi-family designation, the tract can be developed to almost twice the proposed density shown under the above site plan.  The entire plan, including building design, neighborhood setting, and open spaces must follow Greensboro’s Historic District Guidelines. (PDF file)

Your comments and questions are invited.

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