Life section – red headed stepchild?

OK, News & Record… explain it to me.

The Life section of the paper is one of my ‘must reads’.  It is there that I find out things and people in our community that I don’t get elsewhere.  It is also where one of my favorite writers, Maria C. Johnson plies her trade in the long-form when she pieces together periodic, in-depth, profiles of local folks.  Known internally as “the Maria treatment”, Johnson takes several weeks or months to really get to know her subject before transferring her scribbled notes onto her word processor for these assignments.  How do I know?  I saw it happen first hand about a year ago when I was the subject of just such a ’treatment’

Maria’s latest effort is in today’s paper.  She meticulously profiles local boxing promoter Cheryl Nance.  Back in March, I was fortunate enough to meet Cheryl during my first ever visit to a boxing match a said at the time that what she is building out on Randleman Road “is the best kept sports entertainment secret in the region“.  Maria’s excellent ‘treatment’ of Cheryl really captures the essence of the promoter and The Venue, what’s more – Maria Johnson’s writing style just a pleasure to experience… but just try to find it, or any other Life articles, online.  I ain’t happening.

Everytime I want to link to and comment on something in the ‘Life’ section, I am whisked away to some static “features” pages that arguably has little if anything to do with the printed Life section.  Those pages seem to be related to Go Triad, not Life.  A look at the ‘Sneak Peek’ of the website’s redisigned offering seems to pay a little more attention to the Life section, we’ll see.

Anyway… go out and buy a copy of today’s paper (which might be the real point of all of this).  Read what Maria has to say about Cheryl Nance and her excellent endeavor, the story will make you want to go see what is up once a month at The Venue on Randleman Road.

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