Front porch politics

Seymour Floyd has a smart post up about political office incumbancy and weblogs.  His jumping on point is a recent exchange between Councilman Tom Phillips and a Greensboro newcomer.

Sure, I, and many of you, know what Phillips is all about, but the only thing this new Greensboro resident knows is what Tom wrote about his plans to seek another term which was basically this: Running in the District is easier, cheaper and safer than an at-large bid.  The commenter took Tom to task for being sounding cavalier…

“…I see nothing about Greensboro, nothing about what you want to do for the people of your district.  It looks like you are running because it is easy for you to win. Is that what Greensboro politics are now?”

Phillips eased the new voter’s mind in subsequent comments and probably picked up a vote or two for his troubles.  There is a lesson here which was not lost on Floyd and others should take note.

More and more folks are paying attention to politician’s personally written blogs to discern who the real person is behind the spin-screen of more tightly controlled, traditional, ‘brand building’ campaigns. 

My litmus test of who I will consider voting for is simple: Would I enjoy their company on my front porch talking of things political and otherwise – mainly otherwise – no spin allowed.  To me, a politician’s weblog can be considered his/her virtual, no-spin-zone, front porch.  I’d sit a spell on Tom’s porch.

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