National decision… local impact

A Supreme Court decision, due out today, may affect Guilford County.  At issue is the constitutionality of public displays of the Ten Commandments.

The grand courtroom where the Guilford County Commissioners now meet in our old County Courthouse has an unabashed display of the Commandments behind the Commissioner’s dais.  To me, in that particular edifice, the Commandments are displayed in a way that goes far beyond their original intent as being a guide to the judicial proceedings that were held in that splendidly appointed courtroom for so many decades.  Over the years, they have taken on an aire of artwork and are an integral part of the room’s architecture in my opinion.

I wonder if the Court’s decision will take into account the possibility that religious symbols can, over time, be transformed into something unintended?  Can our Courthouse’s very public display of the Ten Commandments now be considered historic and important artwork worthy of preservation?

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