Attention Walmart shoppers

Regarding the N&R’s report of WalMart coming to the old Carolina Mall property.

I knew something was up last week when I noticed the old Toys ‘R Us building was leveled.  Yesterday, when I drove by on my way to a project in Eden, I noticed that the old Montgomery Ward portion of the mall proper was down.  Today most of the mall proper is dust.

Seeing the way WalMart is going on this project, we can expect to be shopping at the new store by mid next week.  Their plans for the property are obviously solidified.  Such processes take a lot of due diligence which involves a big investment in time and money and this is likely to have occured months before any demolition would ever begin.

Walmart apparently lied to some folks on our city council.  The $300k ransom they were demanding was simply a fishing expedition.  I’m glad we didn’t bite.

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