Presumptuous kahunas

It would seem that Dr. Linder is going about this development thing (N&R) kinda bass ackwards.  (That’s Kentucky-speak for ‘what-the, ….?’)

According to Councilwoman Carmany (does she ever sleep?), Dr. Donald Linder has assured his bankers they can bank on some “…written confirmation that infrastructure credits or other funds in ‘an amount acceptable’ to them will be provided by the City” in order for the Carolina Circle property to be transformed into a Walmart anchored development.  It is my understanding that Linder no longer owns the property, right?

Despite Carmany’s information that Linder has now “assumed the responsibility to develop the site“, he is nonetheless asking for de-facto money from the taxpayers to git ‘er done.  As a matter of fact, Linder says in his fax to Council members… ”…it is critical that our project receive assistance from the City in order to maintain this necessary financing…” 

Well excuuuuuse me.

If some bumbling kidnapper demanded ransom after their hostage had already been released, such a demand would certainly make for some great late-night-talk-show humor… but here, Linder wants ‘infrastructure credits’ for unspecified improvements after he has done the deed, and is expecting to garner political support for the scheme when he doesn’t even own the property.  Just as outrageous in my book. 

As an aside, but salient point, IMHO: If his Walmart project had received Action Greensboro’s stamp of approval, such an after-the-fact request might have a shot at getting funded…but, nooo.  He is  playing the game backwards without AG’s blessing.  Bad form.

Don’t get me wrong, we sorely need this development in East Greensboro.  So, if there are some improvements to the public right of way that will make Dr. Linder’s plans work, we should certainly chip in and help make it happen.  That is a proper use of taxpayer’s money.  But for the city to just offer up ‘infrastructure credits’ without a demonstration of Linder’s actual need and the appropriateness for us, the taxpayers, to fill that need… we should, hopefully, pass.

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