Dunleath is a go

I spent the last two evenings on Aycock Neighborhood affairs.  Monday night was our board of directors meeting during which the results of a neighborhood-wide straw poll was presented on the question of whether not the residents approved of the site plan for a large lot on Chestnut Street known as Dunleath.  Tuesday evening was spent listening to the issue as it came before Greensboro’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

The neighborhood straw poll indicated a 2-1-margin lack of support for the Dascalakis’ plan to develop the property that will ulimately result in a total of 72 (correction: 60) condos and town houses on the former site of one of Greensboro’s most magnificent mansions.  Responding to that poll, the board of directors voted 4-2 against the plan and the results of both votes were presented to the HPC last night.

After a protracted and somewhat confusing hearing, the HPC voted overwhelmingly to endorse the site plan anyway.  With this vote the Dascalakis family now has ‘permission to plan’ from the city.  No Certificate of Appropriateness was applied for nor received  for the concept but the density and building types have now been OK’d.  The developer will have to come back to the neighborhood and the Commission to get all of the detailed plans approved in order to assure that the structures, landscape and streetscape adhere to the Historic District Guidelines that govern Greensboro’s historic district overlay zones.

I voted for the site plan because I believe the development will be a boon to my Aycock Neighborhood.  In addition, the property is zoned RM-18 multifamily and the developer is well within his rights to build to the allowed density of 105 units.  The fact that the Dascalakis family is only pushing for 60 units is, in my mind, a gift.  And with acrhitect Jerry Liemenstoll doing the design work I have every confidence that the development will be wonderful.

From my understanding, the townhomes will start in low 200k range.  I’m sure they are pre-selling so now is your chance to live in Greensboro’s finest neighborhood.

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