‘Helicoptor’ Hinson… it’s not too late to change

What a strange way to publicly announce one’s candidacy for sheriff of Guilford County…. by defending his idea that what our Sheriff’s Department really needs is a helicoptor.

Now I don’t know Bob Hinson from Joe Blow.  He may be imminently qualified to head the department and from what I’ve read he is an intelligent guy.  But I think he’d be well advised to keep quiet about such an acquisition even if he can demonstrate that it is sorely needed equipment.  Talk about your political fodder for your opponents…

If the first thing voters identify with a candidate’s campaign is that he wants to obtain a helicoptor for his department, that candidate might just as well follow my lead and opt not to run for office.  It just ain’t gonna happen.  To wit…

When Hinson’s helicoptor idea first saw the light of day in a N&R letter to the editor back on June 10th, it elicited this July 5th letter of response from Chris Hargett lauding Hinson’s foresight, “…The rapid growth and size of Guilford County justify the need for such a vehicle.  Doesn’t Mecklenburg County have law-enforcement helicopters?”  Well, maybe we do need one, but the first comment to Hargett’s post should give Hinson a hint as to why he might consider crashing his helicoptor idea before his idea crashes any chance he might have at getting elected…

“…All that crime in Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Brown’s Summit, Oceola, Stony Creek, Colfax, Pleasant Garden, Climax, Forest Oaks and Julian might just be the justification for the Sheriff to get himself one of them thar fancy helio-copters…”

I’m telling you Hinson… this is not going to be any fun for you.

The ridicule continued when former sheriff Jim Proffit weighed in on July 13th.  He says he looked into getting himself ‘one of then thar fancy helio-coptors’ when he was in office back in the mid 1980′s – he couldn’t justify it then and doubts Hinson can do so now…

“…no justification could be made considering the limited use we’d have for one.  … Showboating with a helicopter is just that — showboating.”

The moniker of ‘Helicoptor’ Hinson is just too tempting Bob… put a sock in the concept until after the election…. that is if you actually want to get elected.

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  1. Sandy Russell
    Posted May 28, 2006 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

    No, we don’t need a helicopter, but we do need voters to go out to the polls on Tuesday, May 30th and vote for Berkley Blanks. No helicopters for Guilford County when Blanks is elected Sheriff.

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