I received an email from Roch over at this morning…

Dear David,


I’m pleased to announce the new ad network for Greensboro bloggers. You can learn all about it at I hope you’ll participate.



Roch Smith Jr.

I think Roch has put together a very fair schedule of compensation for blogs who participate in 101′s ad network.  The thing I really like is that he has recognized that the cadre of local bloggers might be the site’s best sales force and they will be  nicely paid for their effort.  From the bloggers’ information page“…20% of the collected ad revenue is set aside for commissions/referral fees.”

I’ve signed up, you should too, especially if you are a local advertiser who needs to “…Reach involved, civic-minded consumers… in Guilford County and beyond.

I’ve often said that I’m not into blogging for the money, but if there is a possibility of money flowing into my bank account by doing nothing more than what I’ll be doing anyway… I’m all fer it.

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