IT ‘numbskulls’

Ben Hwang is often heard railing against the traditional internet technology (IT) hierarchy, but rarely with such straightforward language

…Usually these are the same numbskulls that have never touched a linux box in their life, don’t know what CLI means, think open-source software means no support, and are paid somewhere between 50k-100k for technical fervor equivalent to a wet blanket.

I asked Ben one time about why he thinks local IT organizations like Guilford County Schools and the City of Greensboro won’t give him the time of day when he suggests (for free) open source based ways to improve their departments and save a ton of taxpayer money in the process.  The only reason he could think of for their continued spurning is because they might consider him to be a young whipper-snapper who just doesn’t understand the system.

That is just so not true.  Ben understands ‘the system’ better than ‘the system’ understands itself.  That is why he is working so hard to change it all.  Who is Ben?… you ask.  This is Ben (N&R)  Listen to him.

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