Caution to anonymous commenters

Yesterday, the title of this post from ThatsWhatzUp intrugued me when it showed up on Greensboro101 so went to read it.  A link provided carried me to an earlier post that was just as cryptic.  So I followed the link in that post that took me to an even earlier post entitled “I hear you Roch” which had some accusations in it.  The whole thing confused me, so I went in to the original post to confess that the whole thing was cryptic to me.

Having signed up for a Triadblogs account some time ago, I tried to login under my own name.  But after several attempts I couldn’t get my user name or password to work, so I simply made my comment under the ‘anonymous’ banner. 

Today, because I inadvertantly neglected to manually add my name to the anon post as I normally do with such ‘login’ systems, I got called out for making a, supposedly, anonymous comment.

 ”then you would know what I know…we can’t have that … want even tell me you name…stranger…..That’s OK… I know who you are …It’s you…yes you…the one  that’s looking all dumb in the face…because he doesn’t know his name…..I know you have  your name  written down somewhere….Now who’s  confused? ……ALOL…”

The implication here is that an anonymous post to ThatsWhatzUp, and perhaps by extention all Triadblog weblogs, are not truly anonymous.  Since the owner obviously knew it was me that was attempting to log on to the system to comment – repeatedly and unsuccessfully – what other conclusion can I take from this?

To those of you in the know… how can an anonymous commenter know that he/she is truly being anonymous?  Do other weblog providers allow the owner to know who is attempting to log on to their commenting systems?  Do all Triadblogs webloggers have this capability?  Or… does one have to be an ‘administrator’ to be privy to such information? 

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