A high compliment indeed

I am blushing.  No, really… looky here… I am blushing like a little school girl.

Yesterday I went over to virtually visit long-time N&R reporter and newly-minted blogger Jim Schlosser’s Architecture, Antiques and Artifacts blog and welcomed him to the local blogging scene.  He put up a very informative post about the looming re-contentiousness between the Fisher Park Neighborhood and First Presbyterian Church over yet another historic house that the church wants to turn into, yet, another parking lot, and I wanted him to know I liked the post and the fact that he is blogging.  What I received in return was an unexpected and humbling post at his place that… well… here’s Jim…

“…I’ve known David several years, and I’ve never encountered anyone who who can soak up the who, what, when, why and where of a city better than him….

But that’s not the part that made me blush… at least not very much.  It was this part, as he continued….

“…Many years ago, I remember asking the late Greensboro civil rights leader Dr. George Simkins who he calls when he wants to find out what’s going on in Greensboro. Without a pause, he declared, “Jim Melvin, and he always returns my calls….” …Hoggard reminds me of a poor man’s Jim Melvin…”

Well now, how do I take being characterized as… “…a poor man’s Jim Melvin“?  I take it is as a the very high compliment that Jim intended it to be.

Might I suggest that everyone go over and leave a nice comment at Jim’s place about something or another.  It sure worked for me.  You might get characterized as a “…poor man’s Billy Yow” or somesuch.

Kidding.  Thanks Jim, you are too kind.

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