“The sad state of black leadership in Guilford”

John Marshall Kilimanjaro, in this week’s Peacemaker laments “The sad state of black leadership in Guilford” and what he suggests to be his paper’s culpability in said ‘sad state’…

“We suppose that, when asked individually, virtually every African American in Guilford county would agree that …our leadership, qualitatively, leaves much to be desired.

Having said that, we are quick to accept a part of the blame for its dearth of effective leadership…  While we must admit our quasi-advancement, insofar as the political front is concerned, we are still unhappy with the basic results of those individuals placed in positions of influence.

Now we would be first to admit to our own ineffective leadership, because we are charged with being the voice of the African American sector of Guilford county…”

I am a great fan of transparency, and Kilimanjaro is down right see-through on this point.  He wants things to change and is willing to do something about it.

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