Questionable qualifications

Not only is this the first forum of the municipal campaign season, it is the first one ever run by a rag-tag group of citizens who’s only motivation is to get information out to the world.

I see no visible signs of the main stream media here, so all of the information you will likely hear from this meeting will come from Greensboro webloggers.  I’ll be but one of those and will link over to other blogs who are here and covering this event..

The Big Two:

The water in Brush Creek was tested at 12 times the legal limit of turbitity.  Since 1993 that stream has been labeled as “impaired”….

Vaughan – I have not heard of that particular creek.  Subasavage – I am not aware of that situation.  Landau – I’m not familiar with that question – if there is a problem – we need to address it.  Johnson – We need to strengthen our education efforts. Howerton – I would hope we would know about it.  Gatten – Everything’s political… it wasn’t until the 1980′s that we payed close attention to water quality issues.  Davis – What we need are strong leaders.  Anderson – We need to find out what’s causing it and do whatever we need to do to have clean water.

Would you support a living wage ordinance for Greensboro?  Why or why not? – Subasavage – There are minimums in place already.  Landau – I would have to see some numbers on that, but yes, in principle, people should be able to live on what employers are paying them.  Johnson – I do support a livable wage.  Howerton – Yes, I would support a living wage.  Gatten – There needs to be community discussion of this.  I believe that legally, we could only mandate this only for City employees.  Davis – I support this for City employees and contractors who are doing business with the City.  Anderson – I wish there was some way.  $11.16 per hour is what it takes to pay for the average rental home in Greensboro.  Vaughan – I don’t think an ordinance could over-ride the Federal laws.


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