Questionable qualifications

General notes – Very strange that only one African American is among the eight people running for City Council.

Of course you must draw on your own experiences to project what you will do, but how does providing affordable housing.

Greensboro Coliseum – Gatten – Matt Brown is an exceptional employee.  Subasavage – The City should sell the coliseum, it is costing us 11M per year.  Howerton – The Coliseum has been run in the positive in the past. Davis – The coliseum is poorly run and should be better utilized.

Emergency Planning – How well are we prepared for a disaster?  Davis – Tnak farms.  Our street are not well suited for evacuation.  Johnson – Emergency planning.  If we had a catastrophe, I don’t think we would know what to do.

Influence peddling.  Do PAC’s influence

Domestic Partner Benefits for City Employees – I have some difficulties dealing with gay and lesbian activities.  Landau – I would support it.  Gatten – The City has been looking into this.  I support the .  Davis – What about boyfriend and girlfriend – who would qualify?

Crime in Greensboro – Johnson – Crime is still greatin certain parts of Greensboro.  The value systems of so many has just broken down.  DV – 3/4 of cases in criminal court are drug and alchhol related – this is what we need to address.  Subasavage – The are problems within the police deaprtment itself.  Making the PD more harmonious needs to be addressed. 

Imminent Domain –

Gatten – Oppose the T&R process – why did you feel it was necessary to oppose the pocess.  Gatten – It was a mix-up in communication.  Landau –

Maintenance of City Center Park – Davis   Vaughan

Morale of police officers –

Sprawl – DV – The comp plan hits this head on. 

Free internet, should WIFI to be considered  as public infrastructure.  DV – We are not techologically advanced enough

SA to FG – Why did the T&R vote go along racial lines?

DD to DV – Is spending money on the downtown park.  How much government money will be spent on the park.

DH to YJ – Would you reconsider the decision to close the White Street landfill?  No.  DH – So the sloution is to add transfer stations?

JL to DV – Transparency in gov’t.

GS to DV – The policy for economic incentives.

DV to YJ – Do you think the district system is helping AFRO-Americans

Lightening round


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