I don’t care who you are, but $35M is one big ol’ chunk of change.  

Backers of the likely bond to fund the much needed renovation of Greensboro’s War Memorial Auditorium will do well to hire one hell of a salesman in advance of floating such a choker of a price tag in front of the voters in 2006.

Part of that salesman’s strategy should be to get as many people as possible to attend an event in the 46 year-old facility to see for themselves just how badly the place is in need of such a large infusion of cash.  However, here’s the catch to that strategy:  If the salesman is real successful at luring us common voting folks into the building we normally only walk by on the way to catch a Monster Truck rally, basketball game, rock concert, circus or wrestling match… most of us would enter the quirky old auditorium for the first time and say, “Damn, this place is reeeaaal nice… how much d’ you say you were needin’ to fix it up?”

I’m tellin’ ya… its going to take on helluva salesman.

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