Questions of leadership and mission

Released yesterday, the Elon University Poll shows: “Fifty-six percent… disapproved or strongly disapproved of the president’s handling of the war in Iraq, while 41 percent approved or strongly approved. 

The AP’s analysis (unposted – via N&R print) of the Elon poll shows: “More than half… – 51 percent - said they did not know if the war was worth fighting, while 19 percent said the war was worth it and 29 percent said it was not.”

Nothing real surprising here… until you look at what part of North Carolina’s population to which they are referring:  Current and former members of the military.  

Says Elon director Hunter Bacot… “We see that those most involved in the Iraq situation, the military, are not so different from the general public after all and share the same concerns about Iraq.  Conventional wisdom might suggest that the military would be more supportive of Bush in Iraq, but that simply isn’t the case if you look at the numbers.”

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