Do you do Greensboro101?

I forget that not every local blog reader knows about Greensboro101.  But if you don’t check that site daily, you are missing out on some great stuff.

The latest roundup of what is being posted on participating blogs can be found with a simple click of the mouse which takes you here.  In addition, Greensboro101′s editorial board elevates certain posts of local interest to the site’s front page.  They provide news and commentary in a central location that cannot be found anywhere else. This page is updated throughout the day.

But lately, Roch has been performing an important public service exclusive of the blogs that are aggregated on his site

During last month’s Greensboro101-sponsored at-large candidate forum, Roch Smith, Jr. recorded the whole affair.  He has since transcribed the answers to the excellent and probing questions.  Over the past weeks, Roch has been posting the candidate’s responses.  The whole series can be found here.

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