Alston says he’ll sue the N&R

From Commissioner Skip Alston in today’s Carolina Peacemaker

“…I’m going to file a complaint and get my lawyer to sue the News and Record. Enough is enough. It’s one thing to go after me personally, but to make up stories just to make me look bad, I’m not going to tolerate it anymore…”

He goes on to say that Loraine Ahearn’s October 2nd column entitled “What if your landlord heads the NAACP” was timed to affect the outcome of the the NC NAACP presidential election held in Greensboro later that week.  But the article didn’t start off that way. 

Even though the Peacemaker story’s headline is ”St. James Homes: Is complex worth saving?”, it never answers that question.  But it does show that problems at the troubled low-income housing complex are manifold…

Elaine McKinnon of 1234-C is very frustrated. She thought she was taking a relaxing bubble bath with her scented candles, but it soon became a nightmare. She heard a noise much like a gurgle before she realized that her neighbor’s toilet was backing up through her drain….”

It looks like this whole thing ain’t over… not by a long shot.  But as for the problems at St. James and any pending lawsuit, I do think the Commissioner doth protest too much.

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