ADD afflicted City Council?

I see that the City Council has decided (end of article) to divert bond funds away from improving the treacherous no-man’s-land connecting the Central Library to the Children’s Museum along Church Street.  This action was taken in order to relocate storm water and sewer lines currently running under the site of the Jones brothers’ Bellemeade Village development.

While those pipes certainly need to be re-located, surely this action by our Council doesn’t indicate a shift away from ensuring the enjoyment and safety of Greensboro’s children and other “Cultural District” patrons in favor of economic development opportunties in the “Bellemeade District”.

If the Church Street improvements were previously identified as such a high priority that we actually voted for bond money to fix it, what set of circumstances has changed so much in the ensuing years along that stretch of street to cause it to fall out of favor with our City Council?

Focus people, focus.


In other news from the same N&R article, the City is in negotiations to pay too much for slumlord Bill Agapion’s property on Cedar Street.  Just so’s you know… I’m fer it.

Paying our police to get rid of crack dealers and prostitutes around the city doesn’t actually pay for itself in actual dollars, either.  In my view, if agreeing to Agapion’s ransom will get him the hell out of at least a small part of Greensboro – it will be money well spent. 

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