Yes!Weekly – two items

I assume that editor Brian Clarey wrote the ‘editor’s response’ to a letter-to-the-editor entitled “Stop the Bush Bashing“ published in this week’s Yes!Weekly.

After refuting most of the statements made by writer Tessa Martin, Clarey punctuated his otherwise considered response with a zinger… 

“…  Lady, you are an ass. And if you send us your address we’ll put one of those “medal[s] of stupidity” in the mail for you. And also a YES! Weekly T-shirt.”

Now come on Allen Johnson & Co,…  admit it… how many times have you guys wanted to print that very response. (substituting a N&R travel mug, of course)


In other Yes!Weekly news, do not miss reading news editor Jordan Green’s excellent article regarding his first hand experiences with Greensboro’s bus system.  If you aren’t currently a customer for public transportation, Greens’s comprehensive reporting will give you a balanced accounting of what to expect.  He covers the good and the bad.

“…Life is not necessarily a catastrophe of accumulating misfortunes for those who rely on public transportation in Greensboro. But the transit system does provide a steady stream of aggravations.”

And Green spends more than a few words on the demographics of GTA’s core ridership…

“…it’s unclear whether many white people care about sitting at the front of the bus anymore — or care to ride the bus at all.”

Finally, he delves into what’s in store for your future…

The GTA is entertaining dramatic plans for expansion… The plan calls for doubling ridership between 2002 and 2008, and quadrupling public investment in transit from $10.7 million in 2004 to $44.6 million in 2009. The report pegs ridership at 2 million in 2002 and anticipates that double that number will be using riding the bus by 2008.”

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