The last chapter… sort of.

I’m headed to Charlotte for a few days having just finished a job on a wonderful old National Registry home up in Eden, NC.  The reason for my wide travels of late is because it is getting cold and folks are desirous of sealing up the windows in their old houses – with flair.

While tired, old, ugly, aluminum ‘triple track’ storm windows have been the product of choice for many older homes in the last couple of decades, I have hit upon a better (albeit tried and true) way to make old windows weather tight.

Almost every historic window was originally fitted with a full-view, wooden framed storm sash in the winter and another set of full-view wooden screen sashes for the summer.  However, over the years, this method of attaining energy efficiency fell out of favor, and the old storm sashes just got thrown away.  Well I’m bringing them back… to wit…



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