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Well, the lunatics are now in control of the asylum: we’ve hijacked Hogg’s Blog in the midst of this fine 50th (Fiftieth!) Birthday Party for the man of the hour, the finest man most of us have ever known, Mr. David Eugene Hoggard of Hodgenville, Kentucky. He’s playing a mean medley on the piano for the assembled guests, and while he’s distracted with the keys we’ll post our best wishes to him here:

Heckuva job Hoggard.  I have three words for you - Happy Birthday!  Best Regards,  George W.

Here’s to the panio man.  We love you David, here’s to 50  more. R.F.  p.s.-  Next time let me take the turkey!

I have 3 words for you happy birthday  to you.-from miranda  age 7 

Here’s to one of the biggest Hall & Oates fans, and the “Rich Guy”, who is rich in friends and family. Happy Birthday!-Jill

Here we are for another big night in the hood.  Hog’s on the pianer playin up a storm.  My husband fancies himself a singin fiend and they’re beltin out “Cecelia” as I write.  We’ve had a lovely evening, talking politics (sorry Jinny!) and religion and eating pierogies.  We love these folks and couldn’t be more honored to be here for the big 50.  Family is more than just blood relations.  Much love, mel 

Ah, david, thinking of something witty to say and as usual the well comes up dry. To the finest neighbor I have ever and will likely ever have, happy birthday– matt

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Happy Birthday Daddy! Now stop the piano so I can go to bed! Just Kidding its your night stay up, If you can….         -Josie Bon Jovi

Hey Dad Happy 50th  I love you                                                                                                                                  ——love Jesse———-                                                                                                                                                  ps i’m your son!!!!!!!!!!

Well I don’t know where all the posts are since there are alot more people here but anyway, Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.  He’s put up with a lot from me this year.  (Boy, my fingers sure are drunk tonight, I’ve done alot of re-typing).  Anyway, my guy is the backbone of this family and has helped me through hell this year and although I’ve seen him age (a little) we’ve made it through and are putting this all behind us.  We’ve got roads to travel and more friends to make and life goes on.  I love you dear and hope we have at least the 50+ years that both your Mom and Dad and mine have had together.  Your loving but tipsy wife.  Jinni 

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