Unlawful entry?

Roch Smith, Jr.:

“Is it possible for government officials to enter your home without your permission or a search warrant? Ask Greensboro resident and local blogger Juan Vasquez and he will tell you yes — in Greensboro they do. City inspectors entered his home without his consent in March of 2004. There was no emergency. No complaint. But city employees entered his home without his permission anyway. He is not alone.”

Roch offers a helluva piece of, dare I say it, journalism… with some opinion thrown in for good measure…

“….The city council should take charge of this issue. It should demand an immediate moratorium on RUCO inspections while it sorts things out. It should come to a thorough understanding of what went wrong and why, make their findings public and consider remedies beyond those offered by city staff with an opportunity for the public to comment on the proposed remedies….”

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  1. Peter Shumack
    Posted October 18, 2006 at 9:28 pm | Permalink


    On the 9/10/04 I found three officers waiting on verge beside my residence and without prior warning.

    The officers then used coercion, torment, obstruction, hinderance, ambiguity and made threats against me.

    I was pushed against my free will and mental understanding to a point were force, force by break and enter
    was used against me. I was forced to sign a concealed consent form by lack of consent, lack of informed consent etc.

    The event was non emergency.

    I was threatened with what I call a “concealed search warrant”. They stated if I did not cooperate that they would just go and get a search warrant and use it against me.

    On the day my valuable and historical rifle collection was unlawfully seizured. No grounds for seizure were
    recorded on the police property seizure reports etc

    On the day the officers count 16 rifles when I only have 14 registered arms.

    On the day I specified that my house was the main gun safe storage system as I was the only occupier and
    had no children etc.

    On the 12/10/04 I made my written record of account of the 9/10/04 and submitted my details to the police.

    On the 6/12/04 the police file a legal document T04/108 with an email communication and no communication interceptions warrant. This was used against me on the 1/10/04 etc. In the same document a search warrant
    is reproduced. And as on the 9/10/04 was not shown or a copy provided to the occupier. This was against the law as by law the officers had to show the warrant to the occupier and provide a copy. On the 9/10/04 the
    law was not enforced and complied with. In the same document the officers statement is not signed and with
    no supporting affidavit. The police use T04/108 against me. The document contains fraud and corruption. This
    document was used against me and amounts to malicious prosecution and perjury of court.

    My immediate grounds for defence and filing a civil claim for damages are:

    1. unlawful entry with intent, by entrapment @ http://www.aic.gov.au/stats/crime/uewi.html
    2. unlawful property seizure, by police repression re political repression
    3. malicious prosecution and professional defamation, by lack of consent, lack of informed consent etc

    Other more serious matters include

    4. conspiracy to murder by use of a concealed search warrant
    5. conspiracy to plant evidence
    6. conspiracy to defraud justice etc

    Can I have any comment as per at my Call Over at 9.30 am 19/10/06 the Supreme Court Justice requested
    that I obtain some legal advice. And thus this report constitutes my compliance. As I am a self represented