Mid stream horse changing

In today’s edition of Dr. Terry Grier’s Friday Notes, GCS’s weekly information communique, two items caught my eye…

Item 1:Northeast High School was recognized …as the first recipient of the Hubert ‘Hugh” Humphrey, Jr. Award. …Principal Angelo Kidd accepted the award on behalf of the NEHS Leadership Team. The award highlights and rewards innovative high schools that improve student achievement through sound educational practices…”

Item 2:  “…Angelo Kidd has been named Principal of Northwest High School effective January 2, 2006.”

Exactly when was it that the concept of continuity in leadership got thrown out of many of our school windows?  While I’m sure there are some benefits to be found in continuously shuffling principals among our schools, I doubt many of those benefits outweigh the basic importance of stable, strong, successful and long-term leadership.

While I have no idea if it applies in the case of Principal Kidd, our school system has exhibited dogged adherance to the Peter Principle in some past re-assignments.  In my opinion, the central office would do better adhering to a wise old adage instead:  If it ain’t broke…

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