Koufax Awards

I am surprised and humbled to have been nominated, twice, for the Koufax Awards in the new-for-’05 category of Best Coverage of State or Local Issues.  (Bora liked some other locals as well) What are the Koufax Awards, you ask? …FAQ here.  But in a nutshell:  ”The Koufax Awards are held annually to honor the best of left-leaning bloggers.”

Left-leaning” huh?  Oh well, …what the hell.  I think it would be a real hoot to be a finalists for the award seeing as I am a registered Republican and all.  But, since I have spurned the dogma of both parties in the past and have declared my dislike for pure red and pure blue out in the open, I guess I have earned the weird label of ‘left-leaning Republican’.  So, let the games begin.

If you want to nominate a favorite weblog in any of the various categories, simply leave a comment below this post or send Wampum an email.

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