Temporary Resurrection

As Cone noted, my laptop went dead Thursday night.  This occured right after I posted something negative about Pat Robertson.  My suspicion is that Robertson got wind of it and had a little talk with God.  I  suppose I should be grateful that a tornado didn’t come tearing down Cypress Street.  Anyway… I got a reprieve.

I came downstairs this morning and just thought I’d try to fire my Compaq up to see what might happen.  It started up flawlessly.  Figuring this to be a temporary situation in light of the terrible noise my hard drive was emitting on previous efforts, I have spent the last two hours backing up all of the data. 

So here’s to you, Mr. Robertson, Jesus loves me more than you will know.  Wo wo wo.

This scare has motivated me to get the hell away from Radio Userland as my blog software and to find an external hard drive for backup.  The computer is under an extended warranty that I resisted buying when I purchased this machine back in September of ’04, so a trip to Staples is in my immediate future.

Question of caution:  If your hard drive were to die fifteen minutes from now, what would you lose?  The old saying goes: Its not a question of if your hard drive will crash, but when.

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