No front runner in District 2

Because the preponderance of commenters over at the N&R’s Chalkboard blog are North High Point residents who strongly opposed the Choice Plan, Susan Mendenhall’s decision not to seek another term on the school board as the representative for that area has elicited much giddiness and plenty of discussion of who her successor might be.

Friday’s N&R article mentioned two possibles: Garth Hebert and Tim Mann.  In addition, frequent Chalkboard commenter Barbara Ann McAbee is weighing her options as well out in the open at that blog.

To their credit, (and contrary to Chalkboard tradition) all three of them are not shy about weighing in on educational issues under their own names.  Tim and Barbara especially have been frequent commenters around the local blogosphere.  The trio can be counted on to provide well thought-out and forceful arguments for their positions. 

It is difficult to discern much difference in where they stand on educational and social matters from their public comments, so District 2 may have to choose from three candidates who seem to be all of a like mind.  Despite their familiarity with this medium and the time they spend submitting their thoughts, it is curious that none of them have their own weblogs.  In my opinion, candidate differentation will only come when the three of them clearly state their positions for public scrutiny, and there is no better platform for doing tha than a weblog. 

So, c’mon Barbara Ann, Garth and Tim – be the first school board candidate in Guilford County history to start a weblog … then continue your blog after it helps get you elected.  If you need help getting started, just drop a line.

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    Good Luck!

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    Good Luck!

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