I am against business AND free-enterprise

I’m in the middle of the pack for campaign fundraising according an article in today’s N&R.  According to the pre-primary (Sept.29th) report, Don Vaughn has raised an obscene amount of money ($48,154), Burckley may be the lowest ($2,650) but we won’t know until after the campaign because Arispe has decided not to file (isn’t that illegal under G.S.163-278.27?).  Compare Vaughn’s war chest to my $6,645 and you begin to see the value of incumbency.

The Jefferson Pilot State Good Government Committee PAC does not want anyone new in the club according to the checks they have written for the last two Council campaigns because they only gave money to incumbents.  However, their contributions are based on principal not incumbency according to PAC member and JP attorney Frank Sutherland.  ”We try to support candidates who are pro-free enterprise and pro-business“, says he.

Well now, that explains why their check is not in MY mail.  We all know that I have come out very strongly against both of those idiotic concepts….  Give me a friggin’ break. 

C’mon head brass at Jefferson Pilot, Koury Corp., Bryan Foundation, etc… are you really that pleased with our elected leadership or does it just take a while to develop a proper return on investment?

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