Getting my groove back

Unlike any other weblog software in existance. mine resides on my laptop. So when my hardrive crashed early last week I experienced an extended bout of blogging laryngitis.  I cite this ailment for analogy because, thanks to the comment sections of other local blogs, I didn’t completely lose my voice.  But when compared to having access to my own full-throated voice on my own blog, reacting to other people’s voices via comments felt like the difference between the ability to shout and the ability to only muster a whisper.  You know… laryngitis.

So I’m back… sorta.  I say ‘sorta’ because I find I have lost my groove.  For me, blogging requires a rhythm: Observe, think, react.  And although I’ve not experienced any change in the observation and thinking parts, the reaction connection between my brain and my fingers has atrophied considerably.  This atrophy began during my planned hiatus over the Christmas holidays, and worsened during my un-planned, hardware induced laryngitis.

So how to get back in the groove?  So much has occured locally since I went nearly silent, perhaps some free association is in order.

Former Chief Wray vs Mitch Johnson: Who’s the villian?  Based on revelations to-date, we can’t be sure yet.  There are just too many unanswered questions and allegations.  The only thing I am sure of is that our City Council needs to re-examine its position on the Truth & Reconcilialtion process.  The Wray flap has re-opened old racial wounds that were never properly sutured in the first place.  Update: Plead the First got it right.

School redistricting: “Neighborhood Schools” vs economic diversity?  The loudest, more affluent voices are demanding neighborhood schools.  The voices of the poor are non-existent.  The redistricting maps offered by the school system that will shape our community for the forseeable future are cryptic and confusing.  The process is a failure so far.

The High Point ABC Board, what were they thinking?:  Arrogance run amuck.  Bring on the indictments.

War Memorial Stadium, anything going on?  Yep, lots.  The January 17th meeting refined the concept of creating a new city park on Yanceyville Street.  Damn exciting.

Hosted anymore parties?  Nope.  I’m not sure which was the dumbest decision… agreeing to host a New Year’s Party for some of Jack’s friends, or blogging about it.  I have considered running for school board this year, but if the background reaction to that one post is any indication – I may have shot my chances squarely in the foot.

Where have alll the bloggers gone?  As I told the N&R’s Marta Hummel, who is working on a story surrounding that question, the local blogoshere is not in any danger of waning.  We are just shuffling some voices around.  Old voices go silent, but new voices rise in their place.

How’s Jinni?  She is wonderful.  My girlfriend is completely through with all cancer treatments except for a daily dose of Femura.  A bone scan and some other tests performed a couple of weeks ago showed a complete absence of any ‘markers’ for cancer.  But we will remain vigilant.

How’s business?  Building.  We start a four month, high profile window restoration job on the campus of NCSU in Raleigh next week.

Although there are many other things going on, suffice it to say that I am just glad to jump back in.  Over the next couple of weeks I may again go silent as I migrate this blog over to WordPress (with Sue’s help).  In the meantime, thanks for reading and thanks for bearing with my laryngitis.

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